Pressio® 2

The Pressio® 2 ICP monitor is far more than a simple Intracranial Pressure & Intracranial Temperature monitoring device. It is a unique solution bringing together key innovations and advantages for an enhanced user experience and better performance.
Pressio® 2
Pressio<sup>®</sup> 2

About Pressio® 2 ICP Monitor

The Pressio® 2 ICP Monitor offers a complete solution for the measurement of intracranial pressure (ICP), along with intracranial temperature (ICT), both in real-time. The Pressio® 2 ICP Monitor provides advanced functions while remaining very easy to use and highly compatible with multiple devices.

The system includes the Pressio® 2 ICP Monitor as well as dedicated Pressio® Catheters.

Ease of use:

  • Touch screen for intuitive browsing
  • Semi-automatic zeroing procedure
  • Intuitive process with detailed steps

Advanced functions:

  •  Display of average ICP/ ICT values / Display of real-time ICP waveform
  • Records of 15 days of monitoring
  • Battery life: >6h with full charge

Improved Compatibility:

  • Compatible with most bedside monitors
  • Fast and easy data transfer
  • Real-time raw data acquisition (compatible with ICM+ and Moberg*)

*with appropriate software upgrade

Decoding of Data

Sophysa offers you the opportunity to decode your Pressio® 2 data in just a few steps. Follow the instructions described in the leaflet available in “Documents” section. Your decoded file will soon be available.

After-sales Service

We offer technical support and periodic controls for all users and distributors to guarantee flawless performance. Contact Sophysa for more information.


Product Brochure Pressio®2
Product Brochure Pressio®2
Product Brochure Pressio®2
Leaflet Decoding of Data Pressio®2
Leaflet Decoding of Data Pressio®2
Leaflet Decoding of Data Pressio®2