Unique and ground-breaking, the Polaris® valve by Sophysa, was a major breakthrough as the very first MRI-Stable adjustable valve.

About Polaris®

Polaris® was the first MRI-Stable adjustable valve, thanks to its patented security lock. It has been designed with patients’ safety in mind, and offers exceptional precision and reliability, bringing more confidence to the clinician and greater protection to the patient.

Precision & Reliability:

  • Proven and time-experienced ball-in-cone and flat spring mechanism
  • Easy X-Ray model identification with pressure range indicators
  • Easy X-Ray pressure reading with radiopaque dots and magnetic rotor alignment


  • MRI-stable* thanks to patented magnetic lock
  • Quick and direct visualization before implantation with transparent body
  • More patient comfort with low profile valve
  • X-Ray pressure reading with radiopaque dots and magnetic rotor alignment

With the Electronic Compass

Adjusting Polaris® valves means three tools, three steps: locating the valve, reading the pressure and setting the new one. As an alternate device to the mechanical reading instrument within the adjustment operation, the Electronic Compass makes the centering on the valve magnetic center easier, at any tilt angle, with clear and simple visual instructions.

Easy Reading**:

  • Pressure reading at any angle: More comfort for the patient: horizontal position not required
  • Easy-to-use interface: Step-by-step visual guidance
  • Direct analog reading: The lit marker is aligned with the actual pressure value on the locator ring
  • Works even with a thick skin: Up to 12 mm

*up to 3 Tesla

**Simple, menu-free adjustment


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