ED Catheters

Sophysa has developed specific ventricular and lumbar external drainage catheters. They are meant to be used with the two different Sophysa external CSF drainage systems.

About External Drainage Catheters

Catheters allow the CSF shunting from the ventricular cavities or lumbar subarachnoid spaces. We offer two types of External Drainage Catheters: Ventricular and Lumbar.

Ventricular Catheters

Sophysa offers various types of Ventricular Catheters to adapt to any surgical procedure.

Our Kubala catheter with a large lumen of 2.3 mm, is specificaly recommended in the cases of hemorrhagic CSF or subdural hematomas.

Lumbar Catheters

There are two Lumbar Catheters according to the introduction solution chosen, one of them offering an Introducer Guide.

Ventricular and Lumbar Catheters are also availables in Kits with our External Drainage Systems.


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