Access Ports

Sophysa has developed Soph-A-Port®, a fully implantable device designed to provide repeated access for drug delivery to a selected site in the body.

About Soph-A-Port®

Soph-A-Port® is designed to ensure safety and comfort for patients thanks to:
  • Ergonomic shape
  • 2 sizes – Pediatric and Adults
  • Silicone septum
  • 3 suture holes
  • Exclusive self-locking system

Venous Access

Venous access is used for repeated venous administration of chemotherapy, antibiotics, antiviral, parenteral nutrition, blood sampling or transfusion.

Spinal Access

Spinal access is used for epidural or intrathecal administration of chemotherapy or pain-relieving drugs.

Peritoneal Access

Peritoneal access is used for loco-regional chemotherapy of, for example, ovarian or stomach cancers.


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