To complete its range of hydrocephalus valves,
Sophysa also offers a range of accessories.

About our Accessories

The Sophysa accessories can be split into three categories:

  • Catheters : intraventricular catheters to be connected upstream the valve, distal catheters to be connected downstream the valve, and lumbo-peritoneal catheters to allow lumbo-peritoneal shunting.
  • Reservoirs: placed upstream a valve, a reservoir is used to get an access to CSF in a shunt either for CSF sampling or to inject fluid in the shunt.
  • Sophysa also offers surgery accessories to make the operative gesture easier.


Sophysa offers a complete range of catheters to set the shunts up.

  • Ventricular catheters designed for CSF drainage between the ventricles and the valve, straight or right-angled, with or without reservoir.
  • Distal catheters, for CSF drainage from the valve to the right atrium of the heart or to the peritoneal cavity.
  • Lumbo-peritoneal catheters for CSF drainage from the subarachnoid space of the spine.


Sophysa offfers a range of reservoirs, CSF reservoirs are used in conjunction with a ventricular catheter to access CSF.

  • Standard CSF reservoirs, for subcutaneous CSF access.
  • Convertible reservoirs, designed to be connected to a shunt, should this conversion become necessary.
  • Shunt reservoirs, in-Line CSF Reservoirs incorporating an outlet catheter designed to be attached to a CSF shunt system.

Other Accessories

Sophysa also offers a full range of other accessories to be used in shunt surgeries.

  • Catheters passers, used to introduce the distal catheter under the skin.
  • Tuohy Needle, to insert the lumbar catheter.
  • Connectors, used to connect different pieces of catheters, in a shunt.