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Sophysa is committed to combine sustainable growth with innovation and creativity to provide high-quality solutions, expertly made in France, and used all over the world.

Where it all started

Sophysa started operations in 1976 in France, and set a significant milestone in 1985 with the introduction of the world’s first programmable valve Sophy®. This represented a major advance in the treatment of hydrocephalus. The development of the Sophy® valve has contributed to the improvement of surgical management by allowing neurosurgeons to modify the operating pressure of the valve through the skin, and adapt it to the precise clinical needs of each patient. This reduces the number of surgical reoperations and allows patients a greater chance of full recovery without the need for invasive, secondary surgery.

In 1989, Sophysa joined TOKIBO group. The company quickly expanded in France, and gained global recognition for its innovative products and expertise in the field of neurosurgery. To consolidate its lead, Sophysa perfected the concept of the adjustable valve in 2004 with the Polaris®. This was the first MRI-Stable valve (magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems up to 3T and daily life magnetic fields), thanks to a security lock designed to avoid dysadjustments. The company innovated again in 2005 with Pressio®, an intracranial pressure monitoring system based on micro-sensors used in neurosurgical intensive care units and in neurotraumatology. In 2007, the next generation Pressio®2 Catheters was launched, offering a unique solution for the joint continuous measurements of intracranial pressure and temperature.

Our Core Values:

At Sophysa, everyone is committed to our company values and beliefs in every action and project:

At the heart of the brain

In the neurosurgery and neurocritical care landscape, Sophysa always remains at the heart of the brain, to emphasize our exclusive commitment to brain disorders.

Your Expert Partner

Our employees work tirelessly to provide clinicians and patients with products that meet the highest standards for quality and safety. For over 45 years, we have built up a close relationship with the scientific community and are dedicated to forwarding the field of cerebrospinal fluid management.

Innovation and Research

Everyone at Sophysa is driven by the same passion: a unique combination of research, innovation, and industrial excellence. Since our creation, we have brought a series of innovations to the market that have become gold standards.

High Quality

In the French capital of micro-mechanisms and watchmaking components in Besançon, the Sophysa manufacturing and development sites comply with a rigorous and carefully managed system that guarantees quality, precision, and accuracy. Each product is assembled manually and individually tested to meet the highest quality standards. 

International vocation

Over the years our reputation for excellence, innovation, and design solutions have established Sophysa as the go-to team and have led to dedicated partnerships with more than 70 distributors worldwide.

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