The laying of the foundation stone

Sophysa is building a new factory to triple its production capacity. In October 2021, Mr.Philippe Nègre, Sophysa’s General Manager, along with Sophysa's employees inaugurated the construction of the new factory by laying the foundation stone.

This new building, sitting along the first building, will allow Sophysa to triple its production capacity and double its workforce with 240 workers in the new building. Indeed, with 5800 additional square meters including up to 1000 square meters of clean room, this building will represent a huge leap forward in Sophysa’s development to answer the worlds’ demand of highly technical medical solutions.

Preliminary studies began in 2019 and 2020 did not slow down the project for which the construction started in February 2021 and is planned to end in September 2022. Sophysa’s first factory’s construction started in 2005 at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Sophysa. The 45th anniversary therefore sees another great achievement with this new building which will be located right beside the first one, forming a major advanced manufacturing complex in Besançon, France.