Sophysa: award-winning company France Relance!

On July 9th, 2021 our General Manager Philippe Nègre had the pleasure of announcing to all Sophysa employees that our company had officially been selected as part of the plan to strengthen production supported by France Relance.

In order to consolidate our international positions and to establish ourselves on new high potential markets, Sophysa needs to develop its production capacity and to deploy automation equipment.

The reinforcement of production will also allow the integration of the manufacturing of components, currently produced abroad, on the Besançon site in order to reduce the company’s dependence, increase its resilience and thereby contribute to French health sovereignty.

The reinforcement plan, supported in part by the France Recovery Plan, includes a plan to hire 60 people over the next two years and has already begun this year with more than 20 new employees recruited in 2021. It will be mainly driven by the construction of a new 700m² clean room in our new building.