Polaris® 24

The Polaris® 24 offers an ultra-wide pressure range with a choice of 24 positions, making it the universal adjustable valve for patients of all ages, even as their clinical needs evolve.
Polaris® 24
Polaris<sup>®</sup> 24

About Polaris® 24

With an ultra-wide pressure range of 20 to 420 mmH2O and 24 pressure levels, Polaris® 24 pushes the limits of hydrocephalus treatment, whatever the etiology.

Progressive steps of 10, 20 and 30 mmH2O allow optimizing the pressure setting for each patient and managing the most severe underdrainage or overdrainage symptoms, without the need for shunt revision. The near-off position at 420 mmH2O allows to drastically reduce the flow if needed or to test the shunt independence.

While offering the widest pressure range on the market, Polaris® 24 was designed based on the same MRI-Stable locking system as Polaris®, whose reliability is unanimously recognized.


Polaris® 24 offers the possibility to take adjustment a step further, providing a tailor-made answer to match the evolution of each patient’s condition, regardless of age, even the most complex cases.

  • Choice of 24 positions
  • Ultra-wide pressure range from 20 to 420 mmH2O
  • Progressive steps of 10, 20 and 30 mmH2O
  • Near-off position at 420 mmH2O
  • MRI-Stable up to 3T



Product Brochure Polaris® 24
Product Brochure Polaris® 24
Product Brochure Polaris® 24