Single Valve - valve introduction

Cruciform™ mechanism
  • Silicone dome with two cross slits
  • Slit depth determines flow resistance
  • Polysulfone casing protects valve mechanism from effects of tissue encapsulation
  • Casing also resists deformation, ensuring reliable valve performance

Single Valve Performance - Pressure/flow chart

Single valve is a differential pressure valve with progressive opening. It opens progressively, even at the lowest pressures.

Single valve demonstrates a level of resistance close to the physiological resistance to CSF outflow(1), helping to fight risks of siphoning.

Comparison of the resistance values calculated from the Single Valve pressure/flow curves (In house testing - #2013016) and the physiological values of resistance to CSF outflow found in Laboratory Evaluation of the Phoenix Neuro CRx™ Diamond Valve – Dr. Czosnyka et al. – Neurosurgery – Vol. 48 No. 3 – March 2001
Direct X-ray identification of the operating pressure is possible thanks to radiopaque dots on the valve.