Neurosurgery - Valves

Founded in 1976, SOPHYSA was the pioneer in the development of adjustable neurosurgical valves to treat hydrocephalus. Introduced in 1984, the Sophy® valve was the first adjustable valve in the World allowing non-invasive adjustment of operating pressures, to match an individual patient's changing clinical needs.

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Neurosurgery - Drainage Systems

Sophysa's core competency is the management of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, allowing her to offer a platform of products for two major medical specialties, Neurosurgery and Neurotrauma.

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Intensive Care Unit

In the Intensive Care Unit, Sophysa focuses its expertise on neurotrauma and the management of CSF with a range of products for the continuous monitoring of ICP.
With Pressio®, a user-friendly Intra-Cranial Pressure Monitoring system, the continuous monitoring of ICP is brought to a new level of performance and ease of use.

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Sophysa attends the major neurosurgery meetings all over the world. We will be glad to meet you there! You can find here the list of congresses where you will be able to meet Sophysa representatives.

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