Hydrocephalus is a disease which results from the accumulation of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid into the brain ventricles. There are several types and forms of Hydrocephalus as well as different therapies from drugs to surgery. However, hydrocephalus is an incurable disease which must be treated permanently to relieve pain and disorders.

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Intra-Cranial Hyper Tension

Intra-Cranial Pressure is the reflection of the pressure exerted by the three components of the cranium, namely the brain, the blood and the cerebro-spinal fluid. Should it increase too much, it can prevent the adequate blood perfusion of brain tissues and provoke damages. In case of risks of increase in Intra-Cranial Pressure, an ICP monitoring system will provide continuous ICP values. This will help to give the patient the adequate treatment with a view to preserve brain tissues and functionalities.

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