Neurosurgical shunts

Sophysa offers a complete range of neurosurgical implants for the treatment of hydrocephalus: fixed and adjustable pressure valves, reservoirs, catheters and accessories designed to drain CSF from the brain ventricles to another body cavity.

Adjustable valves

Adjustable valves represent the most advanced type of valves for the care of hydrocephalus patients. Indeed, they offer the possibility to the neurosurgeons of adjusting the operating pressure non-invasively, to match an individual patient's clinical needs.
Two adjustable valves are available from Sophysa: the Sophy® Mini valve and the Polaris® valve, which has the additional feature of being MRI-stable.

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Monopressure valves

Monopressure valves are fixed pressure valves, as their operating pressure cannot be changed.
Three types of monopressure valves are available from Sophysa: a ball-in-cone mechanism valve, a membrane valve and two slit-valves.

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Sophysa offers a complete range of catheters to connect to the valves: intraventricular catheters to be connected upstream the valve, distal catheters to be connected downstream the valve, and lumbo-peritoneal catheters to allow lumbo-peritoneal shunting.

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Various accessories allow completing the shunt, according to the patient's needs and the neurosurgeon's practice:

  • A gravitational anti-siphon device, SiphonX®;
  • A full range of reservoirs;
  • Various connectors for catheters.

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